Thursday, May 10, 2012

another update

We have been told we aren't suposse to talk about investigators. I can tell you about people we run into like one preacher we ran into said "I don't believe in your faith your going to hell no one wants to hear your lies you JW". Then we told him we are mormons and he was like oh sorry. Then he told us he went to utah, to your visitor center it was a really cool place. We talked to him a little more. He said "I believe you mormons are right that their is a prophet on earth, but that joseph smith business is wrong". so we talked with him a little longer then left.  My companion and I cooked the raccoon and the turtle ourselves. kentucky is a very hilly place I will send pic next week. We go to the library to email. oh and every one in bath country is related it is crazy. We say do you know so and so and they are like yeah thats my grandpa and that persons moms cousin or what ever. Really you just ask how they are related to the Hattons or the Shrouts and they will tell you how they are related.
(We did a family question/answer for family night and sent cameron one to answer thought I could add to this huge post)

1. Favorite color:  Green and black

2. Favorit food:  like to try new foods

3.Favorite scripture: D+C 63:47

4.Favorite hobby: hanging with friends

5.Favorite Scripture Hero: Jesus

6. Favorite thing to do if you had 30 min to waste:  messing with people  (sooo true)

7. Favorite holiday: July 4th

8. Why do you love being part of this family? Because it has made me the person I am today.

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