Thursday, May 10, 2012


Eder Broomhead has been out for 14months. We do have a walmart in our town. The ward here is smaller then the one in NM. Transfers were on the 24th and I stayed in this area. The town I'm in has a population of about 7,000. Not a single on of them has ever heard of toothbrush or ever been to a dentist it seems. The weirdest thing I00 I have eaten: frog legs they were pretty good the tasted like fishy chicken wings, we had a member trap and kill a racoon for us, so we skinned it cooked it and ate it. Today we are going to catch turtles and going to eat them tonight. Every one says that turtle meat is super good so we are excited for that. oh and everyone here drinks Ale-8-one it is like stewarts ginger beer but better (like rootbeer).  It is weird here no one really has a particular religion they just go to the closest church. It is funny cause they will tell us "I don't believe most of what the preacher says but it's the closest church, so I go there. They also will say I go to that church cause it has the shortest service. I know the racoons can carry disease. Thats why we blessed it before we ate it. Lexington is the place that has horse derby's. Mt Sterling is around 7000 the next closest elders are in winchester and morehead. We teach about 20 lessons a week.

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