Sunday, April 15, 2012

We are teaching a few part member families and some investigators we found tracting.  On p-days we wake up, work out, shower, breakfast, personal study, comp study, go email, shopping, lunch with Jim (is the non-member that has no desire to be baptized but loves talking to the missionaries and taking them to lunch), then home to clean, dinner, then to an appointment. That is pretty much our P-days. One of the hardest thing to teach people here is the word of wisdom because everyone smokes here. I wouldn't be suprised if I got cancer from all the second had smoke.  We had a great easter we went to one of the Morehead elders investigators house for dinner. Here dinner means lunch and supper means dinner, there is no such thing as lunch here. We had an easter egg hunt it was fun. Then they gave us Easter baskets filled with candy. Then me and my companion went to another easter egg hunt with our normal sunday appointment. It was really fun they fill half the eggs with candy and the other half with money. The friday before last the zone leaders blitzed us. Then last friday the district leaders blitzed us, so that was cool. I'm learning a lot and loving it. I have a zone conference on thursday in Lexington so that will be cool.  That is pretty much it. We usually email the same time on p-day, oh can u see if dad can get me the pocket size set of military scriptures?  Oh if you send me anything send make sure it will to me before the 21st if not wait to send it to me because that is the week of transfers. I miss you all.

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