Monday, April 2, 2012

Cleanup after the tornado

I'm fine on envolpes now. I got the package with the suit and jelly. It's pretty good it's about as hot as tabasco but the heat stays for alot longer. It was funny we did a blitz with our ZL's and I gave one of them some of the jelly. He was like its not that bad and then took a big old scoop of it. I then told him the heat has to build and with the ghost chile the heat stays. Water doesn't do anything and we didn't have any milk. When the heat hit he was freaking out it was funny. One of the areas of Lexington is not the safest area my trainner was in that area and was told it is recommended to carry pepper spray. I'm doing great I'm loving it here I love you guys and miss you all. We get fed about 2-3 times a week for dinner, and every week we go out to lunch with a non-member Jim. He is in his late 60's and has taken all the discussions, but he is trying to start his own non denominational christian church. He is a super cool guy he loves talking with the missionary's. He always tells us about how he saw motab 4 times live, he love motab. Last week before we went out to lunch Elder Broomhead gave him a motab cd and he was so happy it was funny. We missed saturdays sessions of General Confrence, because we were doing service. We got to leave mission bounderies to go to West Liberty KY to do tornado clean up. We spent the whole day picking up trash, cutting trees up and clearing them out of the way. It was incredible how much damage it did. You see pictures of stuff like that but you can't really understand how bad it is untill you see it in person. We got back in time to see the priesthood session. We are working with mostly less active part member families. One family we found while tracting and it is going really well. I miss you guys
(AWWWW  I love when they realize their family is Awsome and great, maybe still annoying but GREAT and he can miss us)

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