Monday, March 26, 2012   Is is email address. He can recieve emails, he isnt suppose to reply by email he will write you. I am sending him stamps to use for this purpose..... so he would love to hear from any of you.
I'm doing great and working hard. We tract everyday for at least 1.5 hours usually more. Last week we dropped alot of our investigators cause they weren't progressing. Now we are in the finding stage and are rebuilding our teaching pool. Right now we are working with alot of part member and inactive family trying to reactivate them and teach the rest of the family.  People here are really nice. No one has slammed a door in our faces or yelled at us. They will either listen, say maybe some other time or open the door and say they aren't interested. We did tract into an apostalic penicostal preacher and he was like I respect your dedication to your faith but you are wrong there is only one god. Jesus, GOD, and holy ghost are all the same person and he quoted one scripture. We informed him we weren't there to fight We told him we had and I had to stop myself from bashing with him. They said the last mission president said "don't bible bash with people, but if you do Win." but the current President says not to bash at all. 
If you send me a package send it USPS because they can't forward Fedex or UPS. It takes me like a month to get them if you don't send them USPS.

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