Sunday, March 4, 2012

     Its my first day in the MTC and I already have ran into some familiar faces. First I ran into sister cox, her brother Jaren did pole vaulting with me in Colorado Springs. I'm pretty sure she was in Karch's seminary class.
Elder Larsen who I was in my Missionary prep class at BYUI with and also did  Parkour with a the Madison Gym. My companions name is Elder Ralph he is nice and very energetic. He is also going to Louisville kentucky. We share a room with two other elders. Elder Allen is also going to Louisville and Elder Ashby who is going to Berlin Germany. Elder Ashby reminds me of Justin Lebaron. I havent seen Josh or Nick yet. (those are camerons cousins that are going on missions the same time as him) On the first day they had us teaching. Two elders in our district are going to the Albuequerque NM mission. Send stamps and envelopes to me.
Love Elder Frisby

Im pretty sure as a mother I have failed to teach him proper use of a envelope. Im sure this might be one of his first ever sent.  I was looking at the envelope thinking who is this to, then looked up the in the corner and realized my son had sent the letter and that explained alot! We hope Elder Frisby learns alot about himself, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to address a envelope while out on his mission!

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