Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Highlights

Im doing great, we watch general confrence yesterday it was so good. We were all in shock about president Monsons lowering the age to serve. We were talking about how its going to be weird to have sisters our same age and even younger then us. Because they lowered the age for the sisters it is going to require the elders to be more mature and responsable. Saturday we were all at the church and for all three sessions. In between the morning and afternoon sessions we were bored so we decided to go out and try to find people and invite them to come watch. So we did,  me and elder haws didn't have any luck, and neither did the rolling hills Elders But Beckly Elders did. They found a lady and invited her to come watch, but she said she was busy. She said that she would come on sunday so they ask if they could have her number so they could give it to us.  (because the church is in our area) she said no, so the elders walked away. Then the the lady pulled up besides them in her car and told them that she did want them to give us her number. She said "I know you don't think i will come tomorrow but I will." She did so me and one of the Beckly elders went and sat by her so he could introduce me to her and to make the hand off more smooth.  She seemed to really enjoy it and was really getting into hollands talk and monsons.  That  was cool and then last week when the Assistants blitzed us we found a lot of new investigators, and have been super busy. tomorrow is transfers and elder haws is getting transfered so i'm getting a new companion. 


Everything is going great we are working with three investigators that are progressing very well and one that is barely progressing. Julia is our most progressing investigator she is so amazing she is getting baptized on the 22nd of sept. We took her and her 6 year old daughter to a baptism on saturday and julia loved it. Her daughter started to cry and when we asked her why she said i don't want to wait till i'm 8 to be baptized. That was awesome. On p-days we ride 30min to the rolling hills elders apartment to play raquet ball, and today we are going to the church to play basketball, dodgeball, and some other games with the zone. For service we are helping work on a members back yard he spent $30,000. getting it built. in pic going from left to right top row: Clark, Me, Evans, Berube, Dispain, Haws, Broomhead, Wight
bottom row: Thomas, Sims, Rueda, Duran
that was my district last transfer and sims and duran are our ZL's
the other pic are of the yard we do service in.
( I had to add a picture of the bike)
Bike started to give cameron problems and he finally went and bought a new bike!

i'm doing good this week has been a pretty crazy week, and it has been a really hard week for the whole district. Our investigator fell off the face of the earth and we haven't been able to get in to contact with her. We are no longer haveing a baptism on the 22nd but hopefully we only need to push it back a week or two. Our other investigator moved to florida.
so yeah we found our investigator she texted us out of the blue like nothing ever happened and told us she would be out of town this week but she will be back in town for church on Sunday. so we were super excited about that.


(This post deserved its own post! I had to laugh when I read this.)
this week it has been raining almost every day for the last week but only in the morning so we through on our rain gear and start riding but then it stops and the sun come out and it gets pretty warm. so then the rest of the day we are too hot. but now it is starting to get a little cooler and it feels great. Friday the Assistants came and did a surprise blitz with us, which they never do, so we were freaking out a little bit, oh and that was the day that Elder Haws was sick. We got a knock on the do at 3:30, both me and elder haws were still in our sweats we hadn't gotten dressed yet and we open the door and the Assistants are standing there we quickly told them elder haws was sick, and invited them in, are apartment was a bit of a mess cause we had been super busy that week then elder Haws got sick so we hadn't had time to clean so that just added to the stress. so then they ask me if i was able to go out and work I said yes as i was running to get dressed. If you have ever been a missionary you know what it is like having to stay in with a companion, for those of you who haven't I'll try to explain it
in the mission field time is different a second goes by like a minute, a minute goes by like an hour, and an hour goes by like a day. but at the exact same time the a day goes by like an hour, a week goes by like a day, and a month goes by like a week. and when your stuck inside with your companion time just completely stops. by 12:00 you have done everything that might be fun or pass the time faster, by 12:15 you have done everything you are allowed to do and by 12:45 you have done everything twice, and by 12:46 you are completely bored out of your mind so you try to sleep the time away and that work for maybe an hour, so by 1:46 you have done everything there is to do twice slept as much as you possibly can and you still have about 8 hours to do absolutely nothing. so when the Assistants asked if i could go out side and work i washalf dressed before he was done with asking me.
Elder Haws wasn't felling any better but he was just as stir crazy as i was so he went and got dressed so he could go out side too. I spent 2 hours with one Assistant and then we switched and I spent the day with the other Assistant. beside them showing up unannounced, and me being bored out of my mind for most of the day, The day wasn't to bad we actually ended up getting a lot of work done and I always like the oppertunity to learn from the other missionaries.

August highlights

Today for Pday me and my companion are going over to a members house to make pens. I'm going to send one home for dads birthday present. The teaching appointments are going good. we have been trying to find new investigators. so we were going to appointments all day Saturday and on the way to an appointment we stopped by our apartment for a quick bathroom break. WhileI was their I decided to look through the area book. It is a book that other elders make notes in on people they have visited in the area. I was flipping through the former investigators and I came a cross one that said E.Migg. I flipped the page and then I flipped it back when I realized E.Migg was Elder Migliori. Who was in my first district. He had written a little note on the back that said she is elect try back later. Which doesn't mean a whole lot cause almost every elder writes that on formers, but i knew Migg and that's not like Migliori to just write that. I trusted him so I told elder Haws I thought we should stop by this former. She was on the way to one of our appointments any way so he said OK. We knocked on her door and she opened the door and she had a look of surprise on her face . We ask her if she remembered talking with the missionaries before she said yes, and then she said "it amazing that you guys are here" we asked her why is it amazing.? and she told us cause she had moved down to Nashville Tennessee, a year ago and had just moved back 10 days ago. Her aunt was telling her that she needed to start going to a church. Then the very next day we knocked on her door. We talked with her a little longer and then we set up a time to teach her and she committed to come to church this sunday. So me and elder haws were just so greatful that the lord blessed us, and how inspiration can come in so many different ways.

We keep having to reschedule with the man who speaks wolof because he or his wife is always working and it is super hard to catch them together or at home. We went over and taught the old contact with a member and she is super cool and way positive she reminds me a little of tiffany. she wasn't able to make it to church on sunday but she has been reading and was super excited when we set a baptismal date for sept 22. That will also be my 7month mark. I am super excited for her and hope i don't get transfered before then. We have been finding alot of good people lately and are starting to teach them. It has been kinda hectic lately. On wednesday the zoneleaders blitzed us. We had elder Golden from the quoarm of the seventy come do a mission tour on thursday. Because our apartment was the closest to the chapel he came and inspected ours. Our president gave us a 30min heads up so we did some speed cleaning. He was very nice and said we had the best apartment he has inspected. Then on friday we had interviews with president Woodbury and he told us that elder Golden was really tearing into the other elders for their apartments he checked.

This has been an amazing week. We went back over to teach that former investigator ,she is in her 30's she has two daughters one's 6 the other is 2. We had to find a adult male to go with us so we called everyone in the ward but no one could go with us. We were thinking we were going to have to reschedule but we didn't want to. I told my comp to call President woodbury and see if he could come teaching with us.  We called him and he said yes and he was super excited to come teaching with us. He kept thanking us for inviting him. so we taught her on friday with president, and while we were teaching her president told her that she should pray and ask god of the book of mormon is true. she said "oh I already know it's true" and then president asked her to pray about some thing else and she said "I already know thats true too" so president was like good and then after he told me and elder haws wow she is really amazing I  don't think I helped at all you guy are doing amazing. Then we taught her again on saturday with the ward mission leader, and then she came to church and then to the mission home fireside, which was amazing. She was telling us that she had also signed up to feed us on the calender. she is so amazing. Then we found like three more investigators and set up return appointments. We are teaching a less-active members girlfriend who already believes the church is true. She just needs to take the lessons. We are super excited about that. I sent a package home it had a shirt and a pen for dad and some pictures in it did you get it? so things in the area are really starting to pick up. transferes are tomorrow but we are staying the same. My trainer was my district leader this transfer and now he is going to be a Zone Leader in a different zone.

 Every thing is going good. I could always use some snacks. I like jerky, other then that i don't think i really need any thing. . oh and i'm taking my bike to the shop tomorrow for new tires and a tune up.  We were riding home from cordination w/ the ward mission leader, and i hit some thing and it popped my tire. I  got a tempary patch on it now but need to get it replaced.  ( I had told him to just go buy a different bike, but he is still trying to save money by pouring more money into fixing this one ha ha)


This one needed its own post. After he had saved money on not buying a new bike this post will make you laugh.
I'm in jeffersontown louisville it is a bike area. Things here have been umm whats a good word humbling.  The first day I was here I had to walk because my bike had a flat tire. The second day I got that tire fixed. We biked all over the whole day. Around six we came back to our appartment and ate dinner it looked like it was going to rain. We decided to stay close to our apartment just in case it did rain.  We ended up getting lost and it started to rain, and I mean it was pouring. So we started to bike what we thought was the right direction to our apartment. We ended up biking two miles the wrong direction, then my pedal broke off my bike and stripped the housing on the crank arm. We ended up walking for another mile in the wrong direction. Until we finally admitted to ourselves we were lost, so we called our zone leaders to come pick us up. They got there twenty minutes later and we were soaked to the bone. I had to dump water out of my shoes and ring out all my close when we got home. Then the next day we missed the bus and we lost the phone. We were half hour late for our dinner appointment, and it started to rain on the way home. Then on saturday we biked 20+ miles. My allergy's started acting up and my left eye started to burn and become swollen. Yesterday our ride left us at our church, so we walked the 2hours home. Soo so yeah this week has been really humbling for me. My new companion is Elder Haws, he is really cool. I really like him. We get along  really well and he has made the last week managable. oh yeah and Elder Haws also just happens to be Elder Perry's grandson that's Elder L. Tom Perry of the quorm of the twelve. Yeah he is a super good missionary. Despite the humbling week I'm still liking this transfer better then last. I'm going to have to spend a little more money from my home card to get my bike fixed so don't get to upset. so that has been my crazy hectic week so far I love and miss you guys
(hmm the money saving bike frame is costing alot of money)


Highlights of July

(July) I had to post this one even though he is complaining, it just made me happy to see that he knows what a good missionary should be doing. This week wasn't the best for me either there was a bunch of crap going on here and for a while I was thinking my district was going to get white washed. My new companion is the district leader and he is a people pleaser he has to agree with every one and can't have an opinion of his own. it drives me nuts but that is just his personallity and I can deal with it, until it effects the work, then we have a problem. because  He wants every one to like him so he agrees with them. He has agreed a few times with some peoples opinion that are contrary to what the church believes. It was nothing big but I have had to correct him a few times. Two sundays ago he was assisgned to teach the gossple principles class and while he was teaching one of investigators said they believed in "born into sin" and he agreed with that and one other instance of false doctorine. Afew members of the ward and our ward mission leaders were in there and were very upset with him. Then as a district leader he is supposed to go on exchanges with other missionaries in the district. That is part of his job, but hasn't been doing it with the right attitude. He has been doing it just to have fun.  On one of the exchanges he was with another elder and they were doing street contacting. One person they talked to asked about poligamy and The Elder told them we do not practice that any more and we haven't practiced that for almost 200 years. Then my companion as to say a dumb comment that he was going to bring it back. He was joking but he shouldn't have said anything. It just happens that one of the people he made the comment to's mom is a member of the ward, so she was super offended. Her new husband was investigating the church and has slowed his progression. I'm upset that in two weeks he has really messed up the relationship with the ward. This past week we spent wed, thurs, fri, sat,and sunday talking with the ward mission leaders and the bishop trying to fix the mess he has made.

(July)This week has been a better then last week. My comp had a long talk and dealt with some of the problems. Yesterday we got a flat tire on the way to church(which is 13 miles away) and I had to change the tire in my suit and it was rainning. Wefound a new investigator who has shown real desire to learn more about the church. We ave her a copy of the book of mormon and then she called us a few days later and said she had some questions. Weset up a time to teach her again. We asked how far she had read she told us she read the first couple hundred pages,we were super excited. We went over and taught her, and set a baptismal date. There is still a long ways to go until then, but it is still a lot of progress.

June Highlights

This is his mom writing. Since I broke my arm the end of June I have been horrible at updating his blog. I am going to now post some highlights of his emails for the last few months. He is doing great!

(June) This week was crazy busy. last week we had interviews with president, then stake conference. This week we did an exchange with the district leader he came to my area. My companion went to the other area. That was really fun and we got a lot of stuff done. I really like and respect Elder Jolley (my district leader). Then the next day the Zone leaders blitzed us and we got even more work done. For the first half of the day I was with Elder Morrison and then the second half of the day I was with Elder Richins. On  a blitz two elders from a different area come to your area. Then you take one of them and your comp takes the other, and then you divide and conquer.

(June) Transfers are this tuesday 'm staying here but Elder broomhead is leaving. Winchester is getting whitewashed with sisters. Then it will be me and two other elders that is staying the same in our district. Its kinda sad, I really admired elder jolley my old district leader. My new comp will be the new district leader. That is cool. I bought a guitar and elder broomhead was teaching me how to play, but since he is leaving he wrote down everything I will need to know. I also found a hymns made easy book so I will learn how to play some hyms on the guitar. This week has been super hectic but I'm doing good. We are teaching a family that is less active and they have a 9 year old that hasnt been baptized. We taught him the first lesson and we used jenga to do it. We set a baptism date for the 30th of june so we will be focusing on him for the next month or so. We are super busy today broomhead has to pack, we need to go get hair cuts and go to winchester to pick up an exercise bike. plus do laundry, and shopping all before dinner.
(June)I'm getting a bike well kinda, I found a bike frame and bought the a new chain and brake and gear cable to fix it. On the 27th I'm going up to lexington for zone conference, and I will buy the wheels for the bike. It is cheaper then buying a brand new bike. a new bike would cost about $500 and fixing this one will be about $150-$200. We are working with a lot of people and on of our investigators was just called as the assistant scout master he is super happy about that.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This week finally!!!!!



I couldnt email more because I spent 45minutes trying to email you pictures but your  email wouldn't accept them.This week we committed some one to baptism and he accepted. We finally found a new investigator and that is basically the only new things that have happend this week. please thank the young women of the dessert hills ward for all the snacks I enjoyed them. We just do the same things  there is nothing new here it is the same old stuff. I wake up, work out, shower, eat, personal study, companion study, then we head out the door. We go IQing and tracting for at least an hour and a half every day most days we tract for 2hours and then we visit less active, investigators and other appointments. On tuesday and thursday we go do service for 2hours at the rest home. On sundays I wake up, shower, eat, and then go to church in Owingsville, about (13 miles away). We then go and visit less actives and our investigators in owingsville. We then drive and see some less actives and investigators in sharpsburg, because of or mile restrictions we can only see them on sundays, then go to dinner at the Letchers. Sister Letcher letcher feeds us every sunday night, then we drive home. Owingsville is smaller then Mt.Sterling, and Sharpsburg is even smaller then that. Sharpsburg has one gas stations, one restraunt, and is getting a dollar general. Those are the areas we cover. On saturday we go to the flea market because we have a less active memeber who works there. Last saturday we were talking to him and he said he had something for us. So he dug through some stuff and pulled out a 1950's copy of the Book of Mormon so me and my comp. flipped a coin for it. I won it! It is really neat it is a missionary's copy it had a buch of old missionary teaching aids in it from the 50's it has a red cover and the angel moroni on it. That is basically my week.

another update

We have been told we aren't suposse to talk about investigators. I can tell you about people we run into like one preacher we ran into said "I don't believe in your faith your going to hell no one wants to hear your lies you JW". Then we told him we are mormons and he was like oh sorry. Then he told us he went to utah, to your visitor center it was a really cool place. We talked to him a little more. He said "I believe you mormons are right that their is a prophet on earth, but that joseph smith business is wrong". so we talked with him a little longer then left.  My companion and I cooked the raccoon and the turtle ourselves. kentucky is a very hilly place I will send pic next week. We go to the library to email. oh and every one in bath country is related it is crazy. We say do you know so and so and they are like yeah thats my grandpa and that persons moms cousin or what ever. Really you just ask how they are related to the Hattons or the Shrouts and they will tell you how they are related.
(We did a family question/answer for family night and sent cameron one to answer thought I could add to this huge post)

1. Favorite color:  Green and black

2. Favorit food:  like to try new foods

3.Favorite scripture: D+C 63:47

4.Favorite hobby: hanging with friends

5.Favorite Scripture Hero: Jesus

6. Favorite thing to do if you had 30 min to waste:  messing with people  (sooo true)

7. Favorite holiday: July 4th

8. Why do you love being part of this family? Because it has made me the person I am today.


Eder Broomhead has been out for 14months. We do have a walmart in our town. The ward here is smaller then the one in NM. Transfers were on the 24th and I stayed in this area. The town I'm in has a population of about 7,000. Not a single on of them has ever heard of toothbrush or ever been to a dentist it seems. The weirdest thing I00 I have eaten: frog legs they were pretty good the tasted like fishy chicken wings, we had a member trap and kill a racoon for us, so we skinned it cooked it and ate it. Today we are going to catch turtles and going to eat them tonight. Every one says that turtle meat is super good so we are excited for that. oh and everyone here drinks Ale-8-one it is like stewarts ginger beer but better (like rootbeer).  It is weird here no one really has a particular religion they just go to the closest church. It is funny cause they will tell us "I don't believe most of what the preacher says but it's the closest church, so I go there. They also will say I go to that church cause it has the shortest service. I know the racoons can carry disease. Thats why we blessed it before we ate it. Lexington is the place that has horse derby's. Mt Sterling is around 7000 the next closest elders are in winchester and morehead. We teach about 20 lessons a week.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We are teaching a few part member families and some investigators we found tracting.  On p-days we wake up, work out, shower, breakfast, personal study, comp study, go email, shopping, lunch with Jim (is the non-member that has no desire to be baptized but loves talking to the missionaries and taking them to lunch), then home to clean, dinner, then to an appointment. That is pretty much our P-days. One of the hardest thing to teach people here is the word of wisdom because everyone smokes here. I wouldn't be suprised if I got cancer from all the second had smoke.  We had a great easter we went to one of the Morehead elders investigators house for dinner. Here dinner means lunch and supper means dinner, there is no such thing as lunch here. We had an easter egg hunt it was fun. Then they gave us Easter baskets filled with candy. Then me and my companion went to another easter egg hunt with our normal sunday appointment. It was really fun they fill half the eggs with candy and the other half with money. The friday before last the zone leaders blitzed us. Then last friday the district leaders blitzed us, so that was cool. I'm learning a lot and loving it. I have a zone conference on thursday in Lexington so that will be cool.  That is pretty much it. We usually email the same time on p-day, oh can u see if dad can get me the pocket size set of military scriptures?  Oh if you send me anything send make sure it will to me before the 21st if not wait to send it to me because that is the week of transfers. I miss you all.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cleanup after the tornado

I'm fine on envolpes now. I got the package with the suit and jelly. It's pretty good it's about as hot as tabasco but the heat stays for alot longer. It was funny we did a blitz with our ZL's and I gave one of them some of the jelly. He was like its not that bad and then took a big old scoop of it. I then told him the heat has to build and with the ghost chile the heat stays. Water doesn't do anything and we didn't have any milk. When the heat hit he was freaking out it was funny. One of the areas of Lexington is not the safest area my trainner was in that area and was told it is recommended to carry pepper spray. I'm doing great I'm loving it here I love you guys and miss you all. We get fed about 2-3 times a week for dinner, and every week we go out to lunch with a non-member Jim. He is in his late 60's and has taken all the discussions, but he is trying to start his own non denominational christian church. He is a super cool guy he loves talking with the missionary's. He always tells us about how he saw motab 4 times live, he love motab. Last week before we went out to lunch Elder Broomhead gave him a motab cd and he was so happy it was funny. We missed saturdays sessions of General Confrence, because we were doing service. We got to leave mission bounderies to go to West Liberty KY to do tornado clean up. We spent the whole day picking up trash, cutting trees up and clearing them out of the way. It was incredible how much damage it did. You see pictures of stuff like that but you can't really understand how bad it is untill you see it in person. We got back in time to see the priesthood session. We are working with mostly less active part member families. One family we found while tracting and it is going really well. I miss you guys
(AWWWW  I love when they realize their family is Awsome and great, maybe still annoying but GREAT and he can miss us)

Monday, March 26, 2012   Is is email address. He can recieve emails, he isnt suppose to reply by email he will write you. I am sending him stamps to use for this purpose..... so he would love to hear from any of you.
I'm doing great and working hard. We tract everyday for at least 1.5 hours usually more. Last week we dropped alot of our investigators cause they weren't progressing. Now we are in the finding stage and are rebuilding our teaching pool. Right now we are working with alot of part member and inactive family trying to reactivate them and teach the rest of the family.  People here are really nice. No one has slammed a door in our faces or yelled at us. They will either listen, say maybe some other time or open the door and say they aren't interested. We did tract into an apostalic penicostal preacher and he was like I respect your dedication to your faith but you are wrong there is only one god. Jesus, GOD, and holy ghost are all the same person and he quoted one scripture. We informed him we weren't there to fight We told him we had and I had to stop myself from bashing with him. They said the last mission president said "don't bible bash with people, but if you do Win." but the current President says not to bash at all. 
If you send me a package send it USPS because they can't forward Fedex or UPS. It takes me like a month to get them if you don't send them USPS.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Elder Frisbys first letter from the mission field

Warning: spelling and grammer not a direct reflection on my parenting skills. I will try and correct what I catch with spell check. (red is Angela his favorite moms thoughts)
The MTC was fun, at times it felt like EFY, but it also felt like prison the last week I was in the MTC.  I kept running into josh it was fun. I made a lot of great friends.  The funniest thing I was sitting in the airport and I saw this guy starring at me with a big grin on his face. I was thinking to myself who is this guy but then he got closer and I realized it was Brady Bearnson. We talked for a little bit and he told me he had just got back from Kalabs wedding. He was also on our flight to Denver it was cool. The man sitting next to me told me about his mission. When we landed I talked to brady for a little bit then said good bye. We had a 2 1/2 hour lay over in Denver so my district and I got to know the other missionaries going to Kentucky. Then one of the missionaries decided it was a good idea to talk about how some highschool students tried to use bombs to high-jack a plane. I then had to point out that talking about people high-jacking plane with bomb isn't something to be talking about in the middle of an airport. luckly nothing happend and we were able to get on the plane. When we landed in Kentucky the mission president, his wife, and the AP's picked us up. We then went to the mission home where we got briefed  on the mission. We spent the night there then went to transfer meeting. I'm Serving in MT.Sterling Kentucky, it small, ghetto, and run down little town, but the people here are nice. My first day in the field we went tracting and visited some resent converts. My companion is Elder Broomhead and he is from Spanish fork, Utah. While tracting my companion says I have to knock this next door. When I knock on the door, a women comes to the door with a shotgun pointed at me. Then she starts yelling at me. This goes on for a bit, then my comp informs me this is the reccent convert. They do this to all the new missionarys in Mt.sterling. Then we went to a non member house for dinner and when the brought out the food it was all died green for a greenie. I only got one package from the mission home. Did you get my letter? Can you get me Erins and Caleb Roys addresses.  How are you guys doing? I need a few things a cammel back, my blue shoes, my suit, sunglasses , pic's of the wedding,  maybe some ankle wieghts, karch do me a favor and ask mitchell shields if he has gotten his call yet and give him my address so he can write me. also i'm good on junk food for a few months can u send me some simple recipes and real food?
Anyone wanting to send him simple recipes that would be great, Im not sure what kind of real food he wants me to sent but I have a feeling that real food doesnt ship well! We were so excited to have Brady run into cameron.. it made up for the fact cameron didnt call home from the airport! almost!

Letter and picture from the Kentucky mission

Dear Sister Frisby,

Elder Frisby arrived here in the GKLM (the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) safe and sound on Monday, virtually beaming from ear to ear from the moment we saw him. We were and are very impressed with him.
After getting the bags and loading up the GKLM trailer (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) the missionaries hopped in the Mission van for the short ride to the Mission Home. President Woodbury began interviews while I conducted an orientation meeting and the Assistants to the President took individual pictures to be used on the Transfer Boards at the Mission Office and Mission Home. We were joined by the two couples from the Mission Office and sat down to a home-cooked dinner of Hawaiian haystacks, artichoke, avacado, and strawberry salad, cinnamon pull-apart rolls, and frozen fruit dessert.
The two couples left after the meal and the rest of us went downstairs to the Training Room (aka the family room) to have a “Welcome to the Best Two Years” skit by the Assistants, and Testimony Meeting. What a spiritual feast! Your wonderful son bore a strong and powerful testimony, more like an experienced missionary than a new one. We're looking forward to great things with and through him...      Then, it was off to bed with chocolates on his pillow for sweet dreams.
Tuesday morning we had a hot breakfast of egg and ham casserole, muffins, and fresh fruit, followed by Companionship Study and orientation regarding finances and vehicles. By 10:00 we were at the church adjacent to the Mission Office for Transfer Meeting.
After the song and prayer, the outgoing missionaries gave their departing "Words of Wisdom" and then it was time for new missionaries to be in the spotlight. Each stood as he or she was introduced, along with the name of their Trainer and their first area.  After Elder  Frisby stood, Elder Broomhead, a terrific and dedicated missionary, one of our best, ran over to hug his new companion and take him to the area in the chapel reserved for them. "Called to Serve" was sung, GKLM style, and then President Woodbury announced the rest of the transfers. Following the meeting, the new missionaries and their Trainers met to be introduced to the new 12-week Training Program, after which they and the outgoing missionaries had lunch there at the church before having their pictures taken by the sign at the Mission Office. That was it - After pictures Elder Frisby took off with Elder Broomhead to his first area, charged and raring to go!
            President Woodbury and I appreciate you sending your wonderful son on to us and pray you will be blessed in his absence from your family.
            Love, Sister Woodbury 
Elder Frisby with President Woodbury and wife

Elder Frisby, and new companion Elder Broomhead

New incoming missionaries

Shot record Delay???

You need to go get the shot record from the Doctor so I can leave the MTC. My companion is from washington origanally, but lives in provo now.  He also looks like Harry Potter and while we were at devotional last night this Elder sat down in front of us and he looked exactly like Ron. My whole district started laughing. I'll send you pic later. The other night we had a Devotional from Alex Boye he is a singer from london and he is super funny. One of the zone teachers brother Hoopes served with Brandon Caywood. He wasn't one of his companions but he knows B.  Tell Kalab and Keelie congrats for me. I miss you all.  I saw josh, we are going to talk and take pics tonight. well I got to go later!

He was supppose to go to the Doctors office and get the shot record figured filled out before he left since I had to work. He didn't! I thought I might have to leave him in the MTC a little longer when I got this. Luckily for him I had the shot records on my email from when he turned in his mission papers. I happened to be in Seattle at the time for Kalabs wedding.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Short and sweet

I'm doing good. It has been a really cool experience. I have run into a lot of kids from BYU-I. I love my district they are really good. Today we went to the temple and did endowments. Elder Holland spoke at tusedays devotional. I have been learning alot. There are two elders in my district going to the NM mission so thats cool. It feels like I have been here for a month already,  it is really weird. We are teaching investigators,  it is a little hard but it is good trainning. so whats going on there? I love you all and I will write more next time.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

     Its my first day in the MTC and I already have ran into some familiar faces. First I ran into sister cox, her brother Jaren did pole vaulting with me in Colorado Springs. I'm pretty sure she was in Karch's seminary class.
Elder Larsen who I was in my Missionary prep class at BYUI with and also did  Parkour with a the Madison Gym. My companions name is Elder Ralph he is nice and very energetic. He is also going to Louisville kentucky. We share a room with two other elders. Elder Allen is also going to Louisville and Elder Ashby who is going to Berlin Germany. Elder Ashby reminds me of Justin Lebaron. I havent seen Josh or Nick yet. (those are camerons cousins that are going on missions the same time as him) On the first day they had us teaching. Two elders in our district are going to the Albuequerque NM mission. Send stamps and envelopes to me.
Love Elder Frisby

Im pretty sure as a mother I have failed to teach him proper use of a envelope. Im sure this might be one of his first ever sent.  I was looking at the envelope thinking who is this to, then looked up the in the corner and realized my son had sent the letter and that explained alot! We hope Elder Frisby learns alot about himself, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to address a envelope while out on his mission!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MTC here I come!

Cameron flys out at 6:00am 22 of february out of El Paso. He will be picked up from the airport by his cousin and her hubby who will take him to lunch and drop him off at the MTC. His mission farewell on Sunday was great and he did a fantastic job speaking. He did mention briefly that his mother had the missionaries over once a week for several years to encourage him to want to go on a mission. I wanted him to see that  Elders serving missions could share the gospel, grow and have fun. I think the biggest impact was Kalab his brother serving a mission and his young men leaders. Matt Young did a great job in Colorado and here in New Mexico being a great friend and leader to cameron. I am looking forward to his long descriptive emails home that I will post so you can to share in his sharing the gospel, growth and fun.

Elder Cameron Joshua Frisby
MTC Mailbox # 273
KY-LOU 0312
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Mission Address will be

Elder Cameron Joshua Frisby
Kentucky Louisville Mission
1325 Eastern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40204