Sunday, October 28, 2012


Everything is going great we are working with three investigators that are progressing very well and one that is barely progressing. Julia is our most progressing investigator she is so amazing she is getting baptized on the 22nd of sept. We took her and her 6 year old daughter to a baptism on saturday and julia loved it. Her daughter started to cry and when we asked her why she said i don't want to wait till i'm 8 to be baptized. That was awesome. On p-days we ride 30min to the rolling hills elders apartment to play raquet ball, and today we are going to the church to play basketball, dodgeball, and some other games with the zone. For service we are helping work on a members back yard he spent $30,000. getting it built. in pic going from left to right top row: Clark, Me, Evans, Berube, Dispain, Haws, Broomhead, Wight
bottom row: Thomas, Sims, Rueda, Duran
that was my district last transfer and sims and duran are our ZL's
the other pic are of the yard we do service in.
( I had to add a picture of the bike)
Bike started to give cameron problems and he finally went and bought a new bike!

i'm doing good this week has been a pretty crazy week, and it has been a really hard week for the whole district. Our investigator fell off the face of the earth and we haven't been able to get in to contact with her. We are no longer haveing a baptism on the 22nd but hopefully we only need to push it back a week or two. Our other investigator moved to florida.
so yeah we found our investigator she texted us out of the blue like nothing ever happened and told us she would be out of town this week but she will be back in town for church on Sunday. so we were super excited about that.

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