Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Highlights

Im doing great, we watch general confrence yesterday it was so good. We were all in shock about president Monsons lowering the age to serve. We were talking about how its going to be weird to have sisters our same age and even younger then us. Because they lowered the age for the sisters it is going to require the elders to be more mature and responsable. Saturday we were all at the church and for all three sessions. In between the morning and afternoon sessions we were bored so we decided to go out and try to find people and invite them to come watch. So we did,  me and elder haws didn't have any luck, and neither did the rolling hills Elders But Beckly Elders did. They found a lady and invited her to come watch, but she said she was busy. She said that she would come on sunday so they ask if they could have her number so they could give it to us.  (because the church is in our area) she said no, so the elders walked away. Then the the lady pulled up besides them in her car and told them that she did want them to give us her number. She said "I know you don't think i will come tomorrow but I will." She did so me and one of the Beckly elders went and sat by her so he could introduce me to her and to make the hand off more smooth.  She seemed to really enjoy it and was really getting into hollands talk and monsons.  That  was cool and then last week when the Assistants blitzed us we found a lot of new investigators, and have been super busy. tomorrow is transfers and elder haws is getting transfered so i'm getting a new companion. 

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