Sunday, October 28, 2012


(This post deserved its own post! I had to laugh when I read this.)
this week it has been raining almost every day for the last week but only in the morning so we through on our rain gear and start riding but then it stops and the sun come out and it gets pretty warm. so then the rest of the day we are too hot. but now it is starting to get a little cooler and it feels great. Friday the Assistants came and did a surprise blitz with us, which they never do, so we were freaking out a little bit, oh and that was the day that Elder Haws was sick. We got a knock on the do at 3:30, both me and elder haws were still in our sweats we hadn't gotten dressed yet and we open the door and the Assistants are standing there we quickly told them elder haws was sick, and invited them in, are apartment was a bit of a mess cause we had been super busy that week then elder Haws got sick so we hadn't had time to clean so that just added to the stress. so then they ask me if i was able to go out and work I said yes as i was running to get dressed. If you have ever been a missionary you know what it is like having to stay in with a companion, for those of you who haven't I'll try to explain it
in the mission field time is different a second goes by like a minute, a minute goes by like an hour, and an hour goes by like a day. but at the exact same time the a day goes by like an hour, a week goes by like a day, and a month goes by like a week. and when your stuck inside with your companion time just completely stops. by 12:00 you have done everything that might be fun or pass the time faster, by 12:15 you have done everything you are allowed to do and by 12:45 you have done everything twice, and by 12:46 you are completely bored out of your mind so you try to sleep the time away and that work for maybe an hour, so by 1:46 you have done everything there is to do twice slept as much as you possibly can and you still have about 8 hours to do absolutely nothing. so when the Assistants asked if i could go out side and work i washalf dressed before he was done with asking me.
Elder Haws wasn't felling any better but he was just as stir crazy as i was so he went and got dressed so he could go out side too. I spent 2 hours with one Assistant and then we switched and I spent the day with the other Assistant. beside them showing up unannounced, and me being bored out of my mind for most of the day, The day wasn't to bad we actually ended up getting a lot of work done and I always like the oppertunity to learn from the other missionaries.

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