Sunday, October 28, 2012

August highlights

Today for Pday me and my companion are going over to a members house to make pens. I'm going to send one home for dads birthday present. The teaching appointments are going good. we have been trying to find new investigators. so we were going to appointments all day Saturday and on the way to an appointment we stopped by our apartment for a quick bathroom break. WhileI was their I decided to look through the area book. It is a book that other elders make notes in on people they have visited in the area. I was flipping through the former investigators and I came a cross one that said E.Migg. I flipped the page and then I flipped it back when I realized E.Migg was Elder Migliori. Who was in my first district. He had written a little note on the back that said she is elect try back later. Which doesn't mean a whole lot cause almost every elder writes that on formers, but i knew Migg and that's not like Migliori to just write that. I trusted him so I told elder Haws I thought we should stop by this former. She was on the way to one of our appointments any way so he said OK. We knocked on her door and she opened the door and she had a look of surprise on her face . We ask her if she remembered talking with the missionaries before she said yes, and then she said "it amazing that you guys are here" we asked her why is it amazing.? and she told us cause she had moved down to Nashville Tennessee, a year ago and had just moved back 10 days ago. Her aunt was telling her that she needed to start going to a church. Then the very next day we knocked on her door. We talked with her a little longer and then we set up a time to teach her and she committed to come to church this sunday. So me and elder haws were just so greatful that the lord blessed us, and how inspiration can come in so many different ways.

We keep having to reschedule with the man who speaks wolof because he or his wife is always working and it is super hard to catch them together or at home. We went over and taught the old contact with a member and she is super cool and way positive she reminds me a little of tiffany. she wasn't able to make it to church on sunday but she has been reading and was super excited when we set a baptismal date for sept 22. That will also be my 7month mark. I am super excited for her and hope i don't get transfered before then. We have been finding alot of good people lately and are starting to teach them. It has been kinda hectic lately. On wednesday the zoneleaders blitzed us. We had elder Golden from the quoarm of the seventy come do a mission tour on thursday. Because our apartment was the closest to the chapel he came and inspected ours. Our president gave us a 30min heads up so we did some speed cleaning. He was very nice and said we had the best apartment he has inspected. Then on friday we had interviews with president Woodbury and he told us that elder Golden was really tearing into the other elders for their apartments he checked.

This has been an amazing week. We went back over to teach that former investigator ,she is in her 30's she has two daughters one's 6 the other is 2. We had to find a adult male to go with us so we called everyone in the ward but no one could go with us. We were thinking we were going to have to reschedule but we didn't want to. I told my comp to call President woodbury and see if he could come teaching with us.  We called him and he said yes and he was super excited to come teaching with us. He kept thanking us for inviting him. so we taught her on friday with president, and while we were teaching her president told her that she should pray and ask god of the book of mormon is true. she said "oh I already know it's true" and then president asked her to pray about some thing else and she said "I already know thats true too" so president was like good and then after he told me and elder haws wow she is really amazing I  don't think I helped at all you guy are doing amazing. Then we taught her again on saturday with the ward mission leader, and then she came to church and then to the mission home fireside, which was amazing. She was telling us that she had also signed up to feed us on the calender. she is so amazing. Then we found like three more investigators and set up return appointments. We are teaching a less-active members girlfriend who already believes the church is true. She just needs to take the lessons. We are super excited about that. I sent a package home it had a shirt and a pen for dad and some pictures in it did you get it? so things in the area are really starting to pick up. transferes are tomorrow but we are staying the same. My trainer was my district leader this transfer and now he is going to be a Zone Leader in a different zone.

 Every thing is going good. I could always use some snacks. I like jerky, other then that i don't think i really need any thing. . oh and i'm taking my bike to the shop tomorrow for new tires and a tune up.  We were riding home from cordination w/ the ward mission leader, and i hit some thing and it popped my tire. I  got a tempary patch on it now but need to get it replaced.  ( I had told him to just go buy a different bike, but he is still trying to save money by pouring more money into fixing this one ha ha)

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