Sunday, October 28, 2012


This one needed its own post. After he had saved money on not buying a new bike this post will make you laugh.
I'm in jeffersontown louisville it is a bike area. Things here have been umm whats a good word humbling.  The first day I was here I had to walk because my bike had a flat tire. The second day I got that tire fixed. We biked all over the whole day. Around six we came back to our appartment and ate dinner it looked like it was going to rain. We decided to stay close to our apartment just in case it did rain.  We ended up getting lost and it started to rain, and I mean it was pouring. So we started to bike what we thought was the right direction to our apartment. We ended up biking two miles the wrong direction, then my pedal broke off my bike and stripped the housing on the crank arm. We ended up walking for another mile in the wrong direction. Until we finally admitted to ourselves we were lost, so we called our zone leaders to come pick us up. They got there twenty minutes later and we were soaked to the bone. I had to dump water out of my shoes and ring out all my close when we got home. Then the next day we missed the bus and we lost the phone. We were half hour late for our dinner appointment, and it started to rain on the way home. Then on saturday we biked 20+ miles. My allergy's started acting up and my left eye started to burn and become swollen. Yesterday our ride left us at our church, so we walked the 2hours home. Soo so yeah this week has been really humbling for me. My new companion is Elder Haws, he is really cool. I really like him. We get along  really well and he has made the last week managable. oh yeah and Elder Haws also just happens to be Elder Perry's grandson that's Elder L. Tom Perry of the quorm of the twelve. Yeah he is a super good missionary. Despite the humbling week I'm still liking this transfer better then last. I'm going to have to spend a little more money from my home card to get my bike fixed so don't get to upset. so that has been my crazy hectic week so far I love and miss you guys
(hmm the money saving bike frame is costing alot of money)


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