Sunday, October 28, 2012

Highlights of July

(July) I had to post this one even though he is complaining, it just made me happy to see that he knows what a good missionary should be doing. This week wasn't the best for me either there was a bunch of crap going on here and for a while I was thinking my district was going to get white washed. My new companion is the district leader and he is a people pleaser he has to agree with every one and can't have an opinion of his own. it drives me nuts but that is just his personallity and I can deal with it, until it effects the work, then we have a problem. because  He wants every one to like him so he agrees with them. He has agreed a few times with some peoples opinion that are contrary to what the church believes. It was nothing big but I have had to correct him a few times. Two sundays ago he was assisgned to teach the gossple principles class and while he was teaching one of investigators said they believed in "born into sin" and he agreed with that and one other instance of false doctorine. Afew members of the ward and our ward mission leaders were in there and were very upset with him. Then as a district leader he is supposed to go on exchanges with other missionaries in the district. That is part of his job, but hasn't been doing it with the right attitude. He has been doing it just to have fun.  On one of the exchanges he was with another elder and they were doing street contacting. One person they talked to asked about poligamy and The Elder told them we do not practice that any more and we haven't practiced that for almost 200 years. Then my companion as to say a dumb comment that he was going to bring it back. He was joking but he shouldn't have said anything. It just happens that one of the people he made the comment to's mom is a member of the ward, so she was super offended. Her new husband was investigating the church and has slowed his progression. I'm upset that in two weeks he has really messed up the relationship with the ward. This past week we spent wed, thurs, fri, sat,and sunday talking with the ward mission leaders and the bishop trying to fix the mess he has made.

(July)This week has been a better then last week. My comp had a long talk and dealt with some of the problems. Yesterday we got a flat tire on the way to church(which is 13 miles away) and I had to change the tire in my suit and it was rainning. Wefound a new investigator who has shown real desire to learn more about the church. We ave her a copy of the book of mormon and then she called us a few days later and said she had some questions. Weset up a time to teach her again. We asked how far she had read she told us she read the first couple hundred pages,we were super excited. We went over and taught her, and set a baptismal date. There is still a long ways to go until then, but it is still a lot of progress.

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