Monday, March 19, 2012

Shot record Delay???

You need to go get the shot record from the Doctor so I can leave the MTC. My companion is from washington origanally, but lives in provo now.  He also looks like Harry Potter and while we were at devotional last night this Elder sat down in front of us and he looked exactly like Ron. My whole district started laughing. I'll send you pic later. The other night we had a Devotional from Alex Boye he is a singer from london and he is super funny. One of the zone teachers brother Hoopes served with Brandon Caywood. He wasn't one of his companions but he knows B.  Tell Kalab and Keelie congrats for me. I miss you all.  I saw josh, we are going to talk and take pics tonight. well I got to go later!

He was supppose to go to the Doctors office and get the shot record figured filled out before he left since I had to work. He didn't! I thought I might have to leave him in the MTC a little longer when I got this. Luckily for him I had the shot records on my email from when he turned in his mission papers. I happened to be in Seattle at the time for Kalabs wedding.

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