Monday, March 19, 2012

Elder Frisbys first letter from the mission field

Warning: spelling and grammer not a direct reflection on my parenting skills. I will try and correct what I catch with spell check. (red is Angela his favorite moms thoughts)
The MTC was fun, at times it felt like EFY, but it also felt like prison the last week I was in the MTC.  I kept running into josh it was fun. I made a lot of great friends.  The funniest thing I was sitting in the airport and I saw this guy starring at me with a big grin on his face. I was thinking to myself who is this guy but then he got closer and I realized it was Brady Bearnson. We talked for a little bit and he told me he had just got back from Kalabs wedding. He was also on our flight to Denver it was cool. The man sitting next to me told me about his mission. When we landed I talked to brady for a little bit then said good bye. We had a 2 1/2 hour lay over in Denver so my district and I got to know the other missionaries going to Kentucky. Then one of the missionaries decided it was a good idea to talk about how some highschool students tried to use bombs to high-jack a plane. I then had to point out that talking about people high-jacking plane with bomb isn't something to be talking about in the middle of an airport. luckly nothing happend and we were able to get on the plane. When we landed in Kentucky the mission president, his wife, and the AP's picked us up. We then went to the mission home where we got briefed  on the mission. We spent the night there then went to transfer meeting. I'm Serving in MT.Sterling Kentucky, it small, ghetto, and run down little town, but the people here are nice. My first day in the field we went tracting and visited some resent converts. My companion is Elder Broomhead and he is from Spanish fork, Utah. While tracting my companion says I have to knock this next door. When I knock on the door, a women comes to the door with a shotgun pointed at me. Then she starts yelling at me. This goes on for a bit, then my comp informs me this is the reccent convert. They do this to all the new missionarys in Mt.sterling. Then we went to a non member house for dinner and when the brought out the food it was all died green for a greenie. I only got one package from the mission home. Did you get my letter? Can you get me Erins and Caleb Roys addresses.  How are you guys doing? I need a few things a cammel back, my blue shoes, my suit, sunglasses , pic's of the wedding,  maybe some ankle wieghts, karch do me a favor and ask mitchell shields if he has gotten his call yet and give him my address so he can write me. also i'm good on junk food for a few months can u send me some simple recipes and real food?
Anyone wanting to send him simple recipes that would be great, Im not sure what kind of real food he wants me to sent but I have a feeling that real food doesnt ship well! We were so excited to have Brady run into cameron.. it made up for the fact cameron didnt call home from the airport! almost!

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